How To Use The Percolator Set

How to use The Percolator Set

How to use the Percolator Set

Craving your morning coffee before work or at camp, but never used or have any idea of how the LK’s Enamelled Coffee Percolator Set actually works? Then this blog is just for you!

LK’s Enamelled Coffee Percolator Set is the perfect coffee companion for all camping enthusiasts that love their coffee in the morning alongside tent or the river. Once you master the use of this percolator, you’ll always want coffee made this way!

Follow a few simple steps to brew coffee with a percolator.

1. Measure and grind 2 tablespoons of coffee beans to a medium- fine consistency.

2. Add hot water to the base of the Coffee pot.

3. Fill the perforated basket with the grounded coffee and compress gently using a spoon. Close the perforated basket with the perforated basket lid and insert into the Coffee pot.

4. Place the Coffee pot on your stove on medium-heat setting or over medium hot coals.

5. When you start to hear a sputtering sound, you’ll know that percolation has begun.

Note: A percolator works by using pressure to force hot water through a tube to slowly drench the coffee grounds filtering back into the water.

Tip: Keep an eye on your water temperature. Turn the heat down if your coffee begins to burst out the top.

6. Reduce the heat and leave to simmer for no longer than +-7 minutes.

7. When the sputtering sounds stop, remove the coffee pot from the heat source as the coffee is done percolating.

8. Discard the coffee grounds before serving your coffee, be careful not to burn yourself with the hot percolator.

9. Pour the coffee into your enamel mug (that comes included as part of The Percolator Set) or your favourite LK’s stainless steel mugs. Wait for it to reach a comfortable drinking temperature, and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee with your loved ones!

Double Walled Stainless Steel Mugs

2 Simple Tips for Using The Percolator Set

If this is your first time percolating coffee or you’re looking to improve your percolating process, consider these helpful tips. 

1. Keep an eye on the percolator during the brewing process at all times. The less time percolating, the better! When the coffee is over-extracted due to the percolator continuing to boil, it tends to have a bitter coffee taste. When you no longer hear the sputtering sound, immediately take the percolator off the heat.

2. Clean your perforated basket immediately after use scrubbing it clean using warm, soapy water. Leaving any leftover coffee in the percolator for too long, will stain the interior walls and leave an unpleasant residue. Happy percolating!

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