Tips for Rotisserie Cooking on a Grill

Tips for Rotisserie Cooking on a Grill

Tips for Rotisserie Cooking on a Grill

There’s an art to transforming ordinary cuts of meat into extraordinary culinary delights and one method that has stood the test of time has always been rotisserie cooking. The sizzle and aroma of meat slowly turning on a spit, coated in its own juices, is enough to make any braai enthusiast’s mouth water! In this guide, we delve into the secrets of achieving perfection on the rotisserie, offering tips and techniques to turn your backyard braai in the best experience.

1. Keeping things Balanced:

You want to make sure your food is sized as equal as possible from end to end and that it is centered on the spit rod. This will keep things consistent and even while cooking and avoid putting excess strain on the spit motor since it won’t turn smoothly.

The Kettle Braai Rotisserie is equipped with a heavy-duty battery operated motor for smooth turning.

2. Trussing & Securing:

Use butcher’s twine to tie up the meat to prevent the meat from flopping around or burnt chicken wings, etc. Make sure to trim any excess twine with scissors. Avoid using cotton twine as it will burn very quickly.

3. Indirect Method is the key:

Make sure that the food is not directly over the heat source as it will reduce the risk of hot spots and unevenly cooked areas. You want the coals on the opposite side of the meat.

The Kettle Braai Charcoal Holder Set makes the indirect cooking method easier on your Kettle Braai

4. Be careful with sugar:

Even though the meat is self-basting on a rotisserie, barbecue sauce or rubs can still add any additional flavours you may want. If you go with a sugar-based sauce, wait until the last ten minutes to brush it on. Sugar will char quickly and can cause the exterior of your meat to burn if done too early.

5. Cook to temperature:

The air temperatures, wind and humidity can affect how long your meat takes to cook. So, you’ll still want to have a good instant-read meat thermometer on hand.

It can be harder to test the temperature of the meat when cooking with a rotisserie. To avoid overcooking, +-20 minutes before the end of your estimated cook time, stop the rotisserie motor and test the meat’s internal temperature using your COBB Thermometer.

6. Keep the fuel going:

There is not much checking or flipping needed when rotisserie cooking, so just make sure the fire stays consistent through the whole cook.

The Charcoal Starter is the perfect addition to your outdoor braai area as it constantly provides piping hot coals that can be added to your Charcoal Rotisserie  or Kettle Braai Rotisserie.

7. Let it rest:

Don’t immediately start carving the meat after you take it off the rotisserie. Let it rest for +-10 minutes to allow the interior juices to settle, keeping the meat tender and making the carving process easier.

With these helpful tips and tricks, you’re ready to embark on your next rotisserie experience and make it the best one yet! We’ve got the perfect range of Spit & Rotisserie products as well as Charcoal Cooking must-haves to help you on your rotisserie journey.

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