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Category Archives: Inspiration Station

Stay up to date with some great inspiration articles. Varies from smoking techniques to Kettle must-haves to caring techniques.

Braai Smoking Tips & Techniques

There’s nothing like braai smoking over wood or coals. Smoking adds plenty of flavour to meat and seafood, along with a distinctive aroma that enhances the braai experience even further. If you’re fairly new to braai smoking, you may be wondering how to get started. This guide gives you some tips and techniques that will […]

Tasty Ideas for the Ultimate Pizza Night

Tasty Ideas for the Ultimate Pizza Night | Cook-Out ZA | Blog

Hosting a pizza night is the best way to enjoy your favourite food, without ordering in or heading out. With the help of a pizza oven or pizza braai, a decent base, a selection of toppings, and a bit of practice, you’ll be cooking up the perfect slice in no time. In this guide, we share some tips on how to plan a pizza night for friends and family.

Essential Kettle Braai Accessories

Essential Kettle Braai Accessories | Cook-Out ZA Blog | Kettlebraai Must-Haves

Kettle braai accessories will help you get even more enjoyment from your braai. Compact, portable and easy to use, kettle braais are ideal for even the smallest patios. These braais allow you to cook large pieces of meat in one go. They have a dome lid, which has vents to ensure even cooking. Whether you’re […]

How to Care for Your Potjie Pot

How to Care for Your Potjie Pot | Cook-Out ZA | Blog

A good potjie pot will last for many, many years. So many years, in fact, that these pots are often passed down from generation to generation. As one of the most durable materials, cast iron is extremely tough. These pots are resistant to corrosion and, with proper care, will not be prone to rust or […]

How to Care for Your Braai

How to Care for Your Braai | Cook-Out ZA | Blog-How to Care

Wondering how to care for your braai? Whether you have a small kettle braai or a larger entertainer braai, it is essential that you care for it properly. A braai is an investment. As such, it should be cared for to avoid damage over the years. Failing to look after your braai will also result […]

Why Invest in a Kettle Braai?

Why Invest In a Kettle Braai | Cook-Out ZA | Blog

Compact, easy to use and extremely versatile, a kettle braai is a must-have for outdoor cooking. These braais are a great choice for those looking for something affordable and space-efficient. Thanks to a variety of accessories, you’ll be able to cook up a wide range of dishes on this type of braai. Keep reading to […]

The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Cooking

The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Cooking | Cook-Out ZA Blog | Inspiration Station

Outdoor cooking can be enjoyed throughout the year. While there’s nothing like cooking and enjoying food outdoors during the hot summer months, you can still enjoy outdoor dining in the colder weather, too. If you love entertaining, camping, braaing or simply being out in the fresh air rather than a kitchen, cooking outside is always […]

How to Use a Pizza Oven Like a Pro

How to Use a Pizza Oven Like a Pro | blog | cook-out.co.za

For tasty, perfectly cooked pizza, a pizza oven is essential. Whether your patio area has a built-in oven that you’ve been wanting to test or you’re considering investing in a gas oven, making the perfect pizza is easier than you think. Keep reading to get our tips on using your pizza oven like a pro.  […]