Host an unforgettable Braai for Mother’s Day

Host an unforgettable Braai for Mother's Day

Host an unforgettable Braai for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate and appreciate the women who have brought us into this world and helped us become the people we are today. One way to show your appreciation is by hosting an outdoor braai for your mom on this special day.An outdoor braai is a perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day because it is a fun, relaxing, and casual way to spend time with your mom.

Here are some tips for hosting an unforgettable outdoor braai for Mother’s Day:

Plan ahead – Planning the braai in advance will leave you with enough time to make all the necessary preparations. Planning of the big day involves deciding on the braai menu, the number of guests invited, the location of the braai, decorations, food and drinks required and most importantly the braai equipment needed.

Tip: Make a checklist of everything you need and tick off as you go!

Choose a Memorable Location – Deciding and choosing a location that means something to Mom is crucial as it will help set the atmosphere. The best location to host a braai would be your backyard as there are special memories made with your family as kids. Alternately, if you want to take mom on a braai adventure, there are many public places where you can braai such as a park or the beach. Just make sure the location has enough space for all of your guests to sit and enjoy the food and drinks comfortably.

Tip: Set up a canopy or umbrella to provide shade and protect your guests from the piping sun (or rain)!

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere – Create a relaxing scene by playing some soothing music, setting up comfortable seating, and decorating the area with flowers or fun props. Adding outdoor lighting, such as fairy lights, will give the environment a cozy ambiance.

Prepare the Menu – Just imagine buying and braaing food that Mom won’t enjoy! Therefore, you need to plan and prepare a menu that your mom will love. Popular braai favourites for Mom would include, juicy burgers, lekker boerewors, choppies or grilled chicken, served with some side dishes, such as potato- and green salads, grilled veggies or garlic bread. Don’t forget to include some refreshing drinks, such as lemonade, iced tea, or a glass of wine.

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Involve Mom in the Preparation – Involving Mom in the preparation of the braai can be a fun way to spend quality time together and show your appreciation to the most important women in your life. You can ask her to help with the menu planning, food preparation, or setting up the decorations. It will make her feel special and valued. Or, keep it a secret and surprise Mom!

Keep it Simple – Do not overdo it! By keeping it simple will take away all unnecessary stress for the big braai day. Remember, the goal of the braai is to spend quality time with your mom and create memories together. Keep the menu and activities simple and easy-going, so everyone can relax and enjoy the day with her.

In conclusion, an outdoor braai is an excellent way to celebrate Mother’s Day and show your mom how much you care. By planning ahead, choosing a beautiful location, creating a relaxing scene, preparing a delicious menu, involving your mom in the preparation, and keeping it simple, you can host an unforgettable outdoor braai for Mom!

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