Your Guide To The Cameron Smoker

Your Guide To The Cameron Smoker

Congratulations! You bought yourself a brand new Cameron Smoker. If your smoker has been tucked away far in your kitchen counter, or you’re just unsure on how to use your Cameron smoker, or do you just need smoking advice or recipe inspiration, then this guide is for you! Become a smokin’ expert and learn the ins and out of your Cameron Smoker!

Before Use

We know you are excited to start smoking some delicious meals, but before you do so, you should wash the smoker thoroughly with warm water and soap. The Cameron Smoker is made from stainless steel, so an alternative option would be to put it in the dishwasher before use. 

Get to know your Cameron Smoker Parts

Get to know your Cameron Smoker Parts

How to use The Cameron Smoker

1. In the centre of your smoker base, sprinkle 1 to 1½ tablespoons of wood chips in a small pile. Gently lay the drip tray on top of the wood chips inside the smoker base.

Tip: For easier cleaning afterwards, spray the tray with Non-stick Grill Spray or line a sheet of aluminium foil.

2. Position the wire rack on top of the drip tray. Arrange the food on the wired rack, ensuring there is enough space between the food for the smoke to circulate.

3. Slide the cover, ensuring the lid is slightly open. Place on any stovetop (gas, electric or induction). It’s recommended to use a single burner and placing the smoker in the centre of the burner (where the wood chips are aligned). For the best results, ensure your heat setting is on medium. When using an electric burner, preheat the burner for +- 5 minutes. Once the first wisp of smoke appears, close the lid and start with the smoking process.

Please Note:

Other Uses for your Cameron Smoker (it’s much more than just a Smoker!)

As a Steamer

Remove the drip tray and add 3cm of water or other preferred liquids, such as wine, etc. to the smoker base. Place the wire rack into the pan and arrange the food on top. Turn your stove or burner to a medium heat setting and once the liquid starts to simmer, cover the smoker with the lid. This method works excellent to steam various vegetables and to reheat your leftovers.  

As a Roasting Pan

Transform your Smoker into a quality stainless steel roasting pan, by simply folding in the handles and removing the lid. Many recipes require you to partially smoke your food first then finish it off in the oven or on the braai for a crispier taste. This smoker is a handy 2-in-1 gadget every household needs! Use oven mit when transferring the smoker to the oven or braai!

For Outdoor Use

Your stovetop smoker works great in your indoor as well as outdoor kitchen making it great on a campfire, camp stove, or on your braai! For camping, this smoker can be used for everything from fresh smoked fish, to using it as a casserole to keep your cooked braai meat hot! It’s quality stainless steel construction prevents it from rusting.

As a Poacher

Preheat your oven to 180 °C. Replace the drip tray with the rack and place your food inside the smoker base. Cover the food with your poaching liquid and seal the smoker using the lid. Gently place the smoker into the oven and cook according recipe. 

As a Stovetop Oven

If you don’t want a smoky flavour, don’t add wood chips. Using your Smoker as a stovetop oven works best as it adds great texture and moisture in your food and you can save electricity and avoid heating an entire stove just for a few food items!  

Food Ideas to get you started

Hot smoking is a simple, fun way to add another dimension of flavour to your cooking. Almost everything can be smoked such as different types of meat, fish and vegetables, dairy products such as cream and butter, egg yolks, garlic and even seasonings, such as salt.

  • Smoked sauces or condiments – experiment with smoking chillies, avocados or tomatoes then blend to make delicious smoky salsas, guacamole or chilli sauce.
  • Nuts – Before smoking, try dry-roasting your nuts and coat them in your favourite spices to transform them in a classic bar snack.
  • Burgers – Sear your burger patties on the braai then smoke to add extra flavour, this works great for hamburgers.
  • Garlic Bulbs – Make a creamy garlic dip by smoking a whole garlic bulb then roasting it afterwards and squeeze out all the garlic contents.
  • Hot smoked prawns – Sprinkle spice on 250g of prawns and place on your smoker rack. Smoke using wood chips until cooked. Serve with a side of mayo.
Cooking Times

Use the following as a guideline when wanting to smoke your favourite dishes: Temperature inside the smoker is about the same as an oven at 180 °C. 

Once the smoker rack is filled with food, use the following cooking times:  

  • Fish +- 28 minutes
  • Chicken +- 35 minutes
  • Vegetables +- 18 minutes (depending on how full)
  • Nuts +- 10 minutes
  • Cheese +- 4 minutes after smoker is at temperature (placed in foil cups or make a boat; best if cubed)
  • Ribs or pork fillet +- smoke 45 minutes (bake or grill until brown)
  • Hamburgers +- 20 minutes, (brown under broiler or on grill)

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