Essential Kettle Braai Accessories

Essential Kettle Braai Accessories | Cook-Out ZA Blog | Kettlebraai Must-Haves

Kettle braai accessories will help you get even more enjoyment from your braai. Compact, portable and easy to use, kettle braais are ideal for even the smallest patios. These braais allow you to cook large pieces of meat in one go. They have a dome lid, which has vents to ensure even cooking. Whether you’re cooking an entire chicken, planning a seafood braai, adding a combination of boerie, other meats or veggies, this braai makes it easy to cook up a storm. Thanks to their variety of accessories, these braais are extremely versatile. Wondering which kettle braai accessories to consider? Let’s take a look. 

Must-Have Kettle Braai Accessories

Although you can still get a lot from your braai with a basic kettle grid, the following kettle braai accessories will give you even more ways to braai.

  • Boerewors grid. This grid is finished with an elevated edge to prevent boerewors secure while you are cooking. It also has a long handle, so that you can easily move the grid around. 
  • Hinged grid. This grid has slightly higher sides than the basic kettle grid. This allows you to add larger items without the risk of anything falling out the sides.
  • Charcoal grid. This grid is a basic flat grid that can be used for a wide variety of meats, seafood, chicken and veggies. It fits onto the kettle braai and holds coal in place as you cook.
  • Rotisserie. This attachment is ideal if you want a classic rotisserie to use for chicken and other meat dishes. It runs on a heavy-duty battery to ensure steady turning, giving you perfectly cooked meat every time.
  • Potjie ring. This attachment is made for those who love a good potjie. It is designed to safely hold a potjie pot over the coals.
  • Charcoal holder set. This set includes two charcoal bins that will hold your briquettes while cooking.

Take your braai skills to the next level with premium kettle braai accessories from Cook-Out.

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