How to Use a Pizza Oven Like a Pro

How to Use a Pizza Oven Like a Pro | blog |

For tasty, perfectly cooked pizza, a pizza oven is essential. Whether your patio area has a built-in oven that you’ve been wanting to test or you’re considering investing in a gas oven, making the perfect pizza is easier than you think. Keep reading to get our tips on using your pizza oven like a pro. 

Getting the Most From Your Pizza Oven

The three most important things that come into play when getting the most from your pizza oven include having the right tools at hand, the oven itself and practice. 

Invest in the right tools.

Placing a pizza into the oven and then removing it when its done requires specialised tools. Attempting to do this with regular kitchen tools can result in your pizza falling apart – especially during the removal process. A pizza shovel is the most important tool you will need. This tool is specially designed to securely hold the pizza as you gently place it into the oven and then remove it once its ready. If you’re using a built-in oven or you’re cooking on a stone, a pizza stone brush is another tool that will be extremely useful.

Try a gas oven.

You don’t need a built-in oven to enjoy making your own pizzas. A gas oven made for pizzas will give you the same results. They can be much easier to use, too. Thanks to temperature settings, they allow you to get the perfect temperature. This means a fully cooked base and toppings plus cheese that is melted properly without being too rubbery or too soft. 

Practice makes perfect.

Of course, one of the most important tips of all is to practice. You may make mouth-watering pizzas right from the very start. Chances are higher that you will end up perfecting your technique as you go. The more often you make and cook pizzas, the better you will become. There is a fine art to getting your base just so. There’s also a careful balance between crispy and burnt; melty and tough. The more you use your gas oven or built-in oven, the better your pizzas will be. 

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