3 Gas Braai Mistakes to Avoid

3 Gas BBQ Mistakes to Avoid | Cook-Out ZA | Blog

A gas braai is an excellent investment that will last many years. It is essential to care for your braai to get the full enjoyment from the grill, however. Many people assume that gas and charcoal braais are much the same. Although they both achieve the same purpose, there are a few differences in how they are maintained. Treating your gas braai the same as you would your charcoal braai can result in you making one or more of these mistakes.

Avoid These Gas Braai Mistakes

Here are a few common gas braai mistakes to avoid.

1/ Not keeping your braai clean

Like any other grill, you want to always start with a clean grill. Not only the grids but also the rest of the grill. During cooking, excess fat drips into the base of the braai. Over time, this can start to build up, creating a layer of grease. This is bad enough in a charcoal braai. In a gas braai, it can pose a major safety hazard. When cooking with gas, you do not want any residue or oil that could potentially catch on fire when the gas is lit.

2/ Letting gas run out (and having no spares)

If you’re used to cooking over the coals, you may forget to check the gas levels of your grill. There are few worse things during a braai than having the gas run out before your meat is done. Gas cooking generally does not take up a lot of gas and a 9kg bottle should last you a few months at the least. It is always good to have a spare, just in case. You should also try and get an idea of how much gas is left before you start cooking. When you finish cooking, turn the gas off and make sure that the valve is tightly closed.

3/ Forgetting to use the dials

Those dials on your grill are there for a reason. They control the temperature of your food as it cooks. Don’t assume that hotter is better. Pushing the dials up to the highest setting can end up in food that is burnt on the outside and uncooked on the inside. You can use the dials to create a hotter section and a cooler section. The upside of gas cookers is that you don’t have to keep adding coals as the temperature stays steady throughout cooking. 

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