Why invest in a Skottel Braai?

Why invest in a Skottel Braai | Cook-Out ZA | Blog

The humble skottel braai is arguably one of the easiest, most versatile types of braais in history. With a basic design that features a flat cast iron surface and 3 removable legs, these braais are made for easy grilling and frying. They are made to sit directly over the open fire, making them an excellent choice for camping. They are compact enough to take up minimal space when the legs have been removed. They also cook up a wide variety of meals. Keep reading to find out why a skottel braai is a good addition to your outdoor kitchen.

Skottel Braai Advantages

Some of the biggest advantages of the skottel braai are as follows:


A good quality skottel will not cost an arm and a leg. These braais have a decent price tag, and as they are made from cast iron, they will last a long time. If you’re looking for a braai that won’t cost a lot, this is a good choice. You also don’t need to worry about any accessories and all you need is an open fire or coals. This makes the braai even more cost-efficient.


Cast iron is one of the toughest materials of all, making it ideal for braais, potjies and other cookware. For braais such as the skottel, cast iron ensures that the braai is extremely durable. It won’t chip or break – even if it falls over. As these braais are made for true outdoor cooking in the bush, they are super tough. To get the most from the braai and prevent rust or corrosion, clean it properly after use and keep it somewhere dry and cool.


You can cook a wide range of things on your skottel. As the braai works a bit like a very big frying pan, with no grills and rather a flat cast iron surface, it is great for cooking up eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, and other breakfast essentials. You can also use the skottel as a stove-top, adding pots to boil water and cooking meals in smaller pots. 

Looking for the ideal skottel? Cook-Out offers a range of braais, including our robust 3 legged skottel braai.

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