The Greatest Outdoor Adventure Guide

The Greatest Outdoor Adventure Guide

The Greatest Outdoor Adventure Guide

You’ll overpack and feel frustrated if you just throw everything you think you’ll need in a backpack and travel to the closest camping site / park. Avoid the rush with this helpful adventure guide that’ll assist you from start to end when planning an epic outdoor adventure with your best friends.

1. Compile a list of adventure essentials and always plan for the unforeseen

We all know the common essentials needed to ensure the entire group survives the trip, such as a first aid kit, toilet paper and clean drinking water.
But you’ll need to bring more than just the necessities if you want to turn an ordinary trip into a memorable adventure that the friends will talk about for years.

At least one person in the group needs to bring along the following:

• Camping Set

This 13-piece camping set is the only camping set you’ll need for a great adventure! From enameled cups and plates to a skillet and coffee pot, everyone will have enough cookware to last the entire trip. 

13-piece Camping Set

• Large Oval Hart Casserole

Keep your meals hotter for longer in no time!
The Hart Casserole is designed to give you more time exploring and less time finding ways to heat up your food with minimal supplies.


Tip: While packing for your trip, store small goodies in the Hart Casserole, such as toilet paper. This will ensure you have more packing space.

Large Hart Casserole

• Backpacker Camp Stove

Impress your friends with this hot gadget!

This backpacker camp stove protects your flame from going out and can be flat packed, making it your perfect adventure companion.

Leave your friends in awe by brewing the most delicious coffee in the morning and cooking up a quick snack after your hike.

2. Decide on a destination that everyone really wants to experience together

Not everyone is suited to be the renowned explorer who can endure any weather conditions. You need to keep in mind that choosing a destination that everyone is comfortable with is the most important thing to consider. Be realistic about the amount of walking, hiking, camping or swimming your friends want to do and then make a decision based on these factors.

View a list of adventure activities that you can do with your best friends in 2023 in South Africa here.

3. Plan meals in advance

Adventurer Breakfast Braai Broodjie

Keep in mind that reliable access to fresh water, a refrigerator, or a fire may not always be available.

Therefore, planning your meals in advance will help save you so much time and effort when at the destination.

Fill your ice bucket, which is included in the 13-piece camping set, with ice first thing in the morning and have ice cold drinks to slurp on straight after your hike.

Make this delicious adventurer breakfast braai broodjie in advance and take it along for a delicious meal that’ll leave your friends drooling and running back for more

4. Designate adventurer roles amongst your friends

Even if you have that “Bear Grylls” friend in the group that will help the rest of the group survive, assigning roles amongst your friends will give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the full adventure experience.

Have someone be responsible for making coffee in the morning using Coffee Percolator Set, starting the fire using the firelighters from your Braai Set, preparing the ingredients using the Cutlery Set or even runners to fetch braai wood.

No matter how small the task, the more hands on board to help, will make this adventure the best one yet!

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